"Prevention is our Priority"

 Dr. Sharon B. McLeod is a graduate of Long island University in Brooklyn and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a Minor in Psychology.  Dr. McLeod is also a graduate of Universidad De Autonoma, from where she holds a medical degree. She is also an Alumni of New York Medical College Fifth Pathway Program.   

For the last 15 years Dr. Sharon B. McLeod has worked in all facets of the healthcare industry and has been actively involved in all areas of chronic disease prevention and healthy living.  She first worked very closely with Dr. Thomas Friedan at New York City department of health as a Supervising Public Health Advisor. She was involved supervising staff who were trained in communicable and preventable environmental disease control services, as well as health promotion activities. She also trained Public Health Advisors  to conduct health risk assessments, hospital, laboratory and physician surveillance in addition to  disease control principles and methods, such as interviewing, investigating, case management, referrals and surveillance. 

Dr. Sharon McLeod also worked with all cultures and communities in NYC.  Her latest community outreach activity involved Alzheimer's/Dementia education awareness  and outreach in under served communities in Brooklyn, where she was instrumental in the education of approximately 1,000 seniors in Churches, Seniors Centers, NYCHA Housing and many other community organizations.       

Dr.  Sharon B. McLeod  volunteered for a year at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Family Medicine Department as a Patient Care Navigator.  She  was involved in all aspect of patient hospital satisfaction and patient discharge. This included interviewing assigned patients on the care received, as well as soliciting additional services that may be needed  to prevent recurrent hospitalizations.  

Dr. Sharon B. McLeod is a volunteer at The Witness Project of Harlem. This is  a Faith- Based program, sponsored by Rothenberg Cancer Center at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, which provides  Breast and Cervical Cancer community Outreach and education with the  emphasis on increasing awareness, screening, and preventative methods among the African-American community. She is also an advocate of the Breast Cancer and the Environment Advocate mentoring advocate initiative . In addition ,she volunteers with the American cancer Society and is a participant in the 30 year cancer prevention study in Brooklyn and  Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Organization.  

Dr. McLeod is also a volunteer with The Institute for leadership and is a trained Community Health Worker and Lifestyle Coach with the FAITH FIGHT DIABETES INITIATIVE and the  National Diabetes Prevention Program. She is a also a supporter of NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness), APHA (American Public Health Association).   

Dr. Sharon B. McLeod is also a: 

Copyrighted Author of a soon to be published Book: Unfulfilled Desires and Mental Illness 

Certified Lifestyle Coach 

Trained CDC Diabetes Lay Diabetes Educator  

Qualified Dementia Care Provider